Coastal Home Rehab

General De-Conditioning


Deconditioning is a process of changes that take place after bed rest or inactivity, and results in functional loss of the ability to accomplish activities of daily living. It is estimated that people who are bedridden in a hospital or home can lose 2-5% of their muscle mass per day.

Research has proven that, even a short stay in the hospital or progressive decrease in activity can lead to a decline in physical ability. This is most evident with the geriatric clientele as less movement produces decreased muscle conditioning and balance deficits leading to higher risk of fall and injury.

After a hospitalization, illness at home or progressively decrease in one's activity level due to fear of falling or fatigue, therapy will greatly improve the ability and function of you or a loved one. Therapy services can help put geriatric adults back on the right track to regain their strength, health and independence.

Strength training programs have many benefits for geriatric adults, especially after they have been in the hospital. Physical and Occupational therapy, helps to strengthen muscles, increase mobility, and improve fitness.

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